There were once two blind men, and they used to go every day and sit by the side of the road to beg. One used to say: "Akbar, give me something," and the other used to pray: "God of Akbar, do Thou give unto me!" Now the name of their king was Akbar.

One day the King passed that way and heard them, and he put a hundred tumans at the bottom of a dish of ash and said to his servants: "Take this to the blind man who says: 'Akbar, give me something.'" The messengers took the ash and gave it to the Blind Man, and he ate a little and was satisfied, and what was left at the bottom he gave to the other Blind Man, whose prayer was: "God of Akbar, do Thou give unto me!" Now the second beggar put his hand into the dish and found the money, and he put it in his bag and went his way.

Morning came again, and the first Blind Man came and kept saying: "Akbar, give me something," and the second prayed: "O God of Akbar, Thou hast given, give again!" The Shah listened and noticed what they said, and it became evident to him that God had given the m6ney to the second blind beggar and not to the first, so he said: "Good fellow, you said: 'Akbar, give me something!' and I gave you something, but the God of Akbar gave it to that other blind man. It's not my fault. Ask God for it. If God wanted to give you anything, He has plenty He can give you."

LV The Story Of The King And The Two Blind Beggars 58