In the tenth chapter of this work are described the duties of the receiving teller. Depositors come oftener in contact with the receiving teller than with any other employee. It is this teller who receives the deposits. On page 92 appears a brief description of the depositor's pass-book. When making a deposit the depositor fills out a printed blank, upon which he writes his name and a description of items making up his deposit, thus":

Deposited by George Washington

In The

National Bank of Valley Forge.

Philadelphia, July 4, 1886.






650 310 280 725

40 50



90 *

This " Deposit Slip," with the funds to be deposited and the depositor's pass-book, are handed to the receiving teller. The bills are counted and the items examined and checked off by the teller, who charges the bank in the depositor's pass-book with the full amount of the deposit, and files the slip ready for the bookkeeper. These slips are the bank's vouchers for the transaction.