Customers' Cheques on a Holiday.

Question 332.— (1) Has a bank any right to refuse or accept a cheque on a legal holiday?

(2) In Montreal English Banks do business on Province of Quebec holidays:

(a) If a bank were to refuse a cheque on account of insufficient funds, on such a holiday, would the customer have a case for damages against the bank ?

(6) If there were sufficient funds immediately after opening of business the next day?

Answer.— (1) With reference to holidays other than Sunday, we think a bank may accept a cheque if presented on a holiday, and if it has no funds we see no legal reason why it should not so state. It can of course decline, because of the holiday, to do anything in the matter, and we think should, for its customers' protection, decline to give any answer unless it is prepared to honour the cheque.

(2) We think that it is quite legitimate for a bank to transact business on these holidays with any person who wishes to do so. We do not think the bank would be liable to a customer for anything that takes place on the holiday merely because it is a holiday.