By Dr. Edward Smith. I vol., 12mo. Cloth. Illustrated........Price, $1.75.

In making up The International Scientific Series, Dr. Edward Smith was selected as the ablest man in England to treat the important subject of Foods. His services were secured for the undertaking, and the little treatise he has produced shows that the choice of a writer on this subject was most fortunate, as the book is unquestionably the clearest and best-digested compend of the Science of Foods that has appeared in our language.

"The book contains a series of diagrams, dispfeying the effects of sleep and meals on pulsation and respiration, and of various kinds of food on respiration, which, as the results of Dr. Smith's own experiments, possess a very high value. We have not far to go in this work for occasions of favorable criticism ; they occur throughout, but are perhaps most apparent in those parts of the subject with which Dr. Smith's name is especially linked." - London Examiner.

"The union of scientific and popular treatment in the composition of this work will afford an attraction to many readers who would have been indifferent to purely theoretical details. Still his work abounds in information, much of which is of great value, and a part of which could not easily be obtained from other sources. Its interest is de-cidedly enhanced for students who demand both clearness and exactness of statement, by the profusion of well-executed woodcuts, diagrams, and tables, which accompany the volume. The suggestions of the author on the use of tea and coffee, and of the various forms of alcohol, although perhaps not strictly of a novel character, are highly instructive, and form an interesting portion of the volume." - N. Y. Tribune.