It is considered advisable to say something concerning withdrawal procedure in connection with safekeeping securities. In the larger banks, a consecutively numbered deposit form is used on which are recorded all securities which must be deposited in the vault. This deposit ticket is usually approved by an officer as well as a department head and then taken with the securities, in proper custody, to the vault where a vault official determines the agreement between the deposit ticket and securities before placing the latter in strong boxes. This, of course, is the procedure in the larger banks. The deposit ticket, authenticated by the vault official, is deposited by him in the auditor's box. From the vault deposit slip the auditor assures himself daily that all incoming special deposits have been properly deposited and recorded. Withdrawals of securities are handled also on withdrawal sheets or slips properly approved by officers of the bank. Before access can be had to vaults, an authoritative withdrawal form should be given to the vault custodian. That official usually verifies the amount withdrawn, signs the withdrawal form and turns it over to the auditor. This insures complete control. Some auditing departments in the larger banks keep duplicate records of all securities held for customers, these records being posted from the deposit and withdrawal slips.