It cannot be expected that a cashier can receive and pay away money for a whole year, and yet never make any mistakes. Some deficiencies will be sure to arise. Each cashier is considered liable to make good his own loss. But, to meet these deficiencies, some banks allow to each cashier a certain sum-say ,20 or 30 per annum-which is called risk-money. Others pay such deficiencies as may arise during the year, giving an admonition to any cashier whose deficiencies are usually large. Superior accuracy in this respect is also considered as one test of superior merit, and therefore as forming one claim to promotion. When a cashier takes his holidays, he delivers up his cash to the chief clerk, who counts it, and sees that it is correct, and then delivers it to the clerk who is to act for the cashier, who signs an acknowledgment in the money-book that he has received the right amount. The cashier, on his return, will make a similar entry. It is said to be the practice in some establishments for the chief clerk to count the cash of all the cashiers every Saturday night. But when, from the extent of the business, this cannot be done, he counts the cash of each cashier individually, at such times as may be most convenient to himself, giving the cashier no previous notice of his intention to do so. He immediately reports to the banker any deficiency he may discover. In all banks it is understood that the cashier is not allowed to apply any part of the bank money, even temporarily, to his private use, nor to lend any sum, however small, to the other clerks, upon their I O Us, or other engagement. Any violation of this rule, though with no fraudulent intention, is considered a sufficient ground for instant dismissal.

Gambling In The Funds, Or In Shares

Some banks make it a rule to dismiss any clerk that is found to be engaged in transactions of this kind. The evil effects of such practices are very great. Speculative engagements will necessarily distract their minds, and draw their attention from their official duties. If unfortunate, their personal comforts may be diminished: they may incur debts that will require years of saving to liquidate, or they may be tempted to actions which would ruin themselves and disgrace their families.