13 Volumes at 3s, 6d. each, excepting those marked otherwise. (2l. 8s. 6d. per set.)

BJuRNSON'S Arne and the Fisher

Lassie. Translated from the Norse with an Introduction by W. H. Low, M.A.

BURNEY'S Evelina; or, a Young Lady's Entrance into the World. By F. Burney (Mme. DArblay). With Introduction and Notes by A. R. Ellis, Author of' Sylvestra,' etc.

----- Cecilia. With Introduction and

Notes by A. R. Ellis. 2 vols.

DE STAEL. Corinne or Italy.

By Madame de Stael. Translated by Emily Baldwin and Paulina Driver.

EBERS' Egyptian Princess. Trans. by Emma Buchheim.

FIELDING'S Joseph Andrews and his Friend Mr. Abraham Adams. With Roscoe's Biography. Cruikshank's Illustrations.

----- Amelia. Roscoe's Edition, revised.

Cruikshank's Illustrations. 5s.

-----History of Tom Jones, a Foundling. Roscoe's Edition. Cruikshank's Illustrations. 2 vols.

GROSSI'S Marco Visconti. Ttans. by A. F. D.

MANZONI. The Betrothed: being a Translation of ' I Promessi Sposi.' Numerous Woodcuts. 1 vol. 5-r.

STOWE (Mrs. H. B.) Uncle Tom's

Cabin; or, Life among the Lowly. 8 full-page Illustrations.


9 Volumes at Various Prices. (2/. 8s. 6d. per set.)

BELL (Sir Charles). The Anatomy and Philosophy of Expression, as Connected with the Fine Arts. 5$.

DEMMIN. History of Arms and

Armour from the Earliest Period. By Auguste Demmin. Trans, by C. C. Black, M.A., Assistant Keeper, S. K. Museum. 1900 Illustrations. 7s. 6d.

FAIRHOLT'S Costume in England.

Third Edition. Enlarged and Revised by the Hon. H. A. Dillon, F.S.A. With more than 700 Engravings. 2 vols. 5*. each.

Vol. I. History. Vol. II. Glossary.

FLAXMAN. Lectures on Sculpture.

With Three Addresses to the R.A. by Sir R. Wes-tmacott, R.A., and Memoir o Flaxman. Portrait and 53 Plates, is. U.S.

HEATON'S Concise History of

Painting. New Edition, revised by W. Cosmo Monkhouse. 5.1.


Royal Academicians, Barry, Opie, Fuseli. With Introductory Essay and Notes by R. Wornum. Portrait of Fuseli.

LEONARDO DA VINCI'S Treatise on Painting. Trans, by J. F. Rigaud, R.A. With a Life and an Account of his Works by J. W. Brown. Numerous Plates. $s.

PLANCHE'S History of British

Costume, from the Earliest Time to the 10th Century. By J. R. Planche. 400 Illustrations. 5*.