The " ticker " abbreviation for " assented," or " Class A."

A and O. Interest or dividends payable semi-annually, April and October.

A. 1. Highest grade; none better.

" A " Bond (or " A " Stock). Used when securities are divided into classes, such as " A bond," " B bond." (See " Preferred Stock.")


The reduction in weight of coins or bullion resulting from friction.

Absolute Indorsement

This binds the indorser of an instrument to pay the same only in case of failure on the part of all prior indorsers so to do, and upon due notice to him of their failure.


There are two common uses of this word: First, " the market absorbed all stock offered." By this it; is understood that all the stock that was offered found a market, or purchasers. Second, we say that one railroad has " absorbed " another, meaning that it has obtained control of, or bought it.

Abstract Of Title

See " Mortgage."


See " Draft."


" Borrowers succeeded in finding accommodation/' meaning that they succeeded in borrowing money. To be " accommodated " in finance means the same as in its general sense, to accomplish what is desired.

Accommodation Indorser

See " Accommodation Paper."

Accommodation Note

See " Accommodation Paper."

Accommodation Paper

Instruments which the maker, drawer, acceptor, or indorser signs merely as an accommoda-dation to another, reaping no financial benefit for so doing, - unless paid a commission for the act, as is sometimes the case. In other words, a person becomes a party to an instrument without consideration, and for the purpose of loaning his credit to another. The rights of all parties concerned in " accommodation paper " are somewhat complex, and should be thoroughly understood. For example: corporations cannot legally make " accommodation paper." Also: the signer for accommodation is under no liability to the person benefited or accommodated, as no consideration was given; but he is liable to any other holder for value, of the paper.

The lending of one's credit in the shape of " accommodation paper " is a very bad practice and should be seldom, if ever, indulged in. Financial ruin has resulted in many instances from this sort of thing.


See " For the Account."

Account And Risk

A transaction in which the broker acts merely as " agent " for the account of the customer, who assumes all the risk incurred.


See " Auditor."

Account Current

Same as " Current Account."

Account Day

Strictly, the last of the " fortnightly settling-days." Also called " pay-day " and " settlement day." This is the day upon which stocks are delivered and paid for, and settlements made.