This is a foreign term having commonly two meanings: First, the rate or price of "exchange;" second, speculation in stocks, bullion, exchange, etc.

1 Defined by the Supreme Court of the United States,

2 "The French stock market has since (1795) remained under official supervision, although alongside of the seventy official agents de change, occupying the parquet, has arisen the unofficial board known as the coulisse. Several legal conflicts have occurred between the privileged brokers and the coulisse, which led in 1898 to the reorganization of the stock exchange and the prohibition of dealings on the coulisse, except in certain classes of securities.,, - The Principles of Money and Bankingt Charles A. Conant.

Agricultural Chemical

American Agricultural Chemical Co. (Chemical fertilizers and by-products.)


The " ticker " abbreviation for " adjustment."

A. J. O. J. April, July, October, and January; interest or dividends payable quarterly, beginning with April.


Boston & Albany R. R. Co., leased to New York Central & Hudson River R. R. Co.


When checks, promissory notes, or similar negotiable instruments have their backs entirely covered with indorsements, a slip of paper, called an " allonge," is often attached to receive any further indorsements.

All Or Any Part

The next subject explains this in part, to which it is the opposite, as the condition is that any amount, or even all, of the issue may be sold to the successful bidder.

All Or None

This can best be understood by first reading " Sealed Bid." " All or none " is a condition imposed by the bidder for an issue of securities, by which it is understood that in the event of his bid being accepted, he is to take the entire issue, but no lesser amount. Or the seller of the security may stipulate that the successful bidder shall be bound by this same condition.

Allotment Note

Signed by a seaman, giving authority for the payment of a portion of his wages from time to time to some other person.


In coins, an inferior metal mixed with one of greater value, to harden the latter. Our gold coins have a 10% alloy of copper and silver, while silver coins have 10% all of copper.

All Round Price

Includes cost and charges of every nature.


Delivery of goods alongside the vessel that is to receive them for shipment.

American Rails

The general foreign - particularly London - name for United States railway shares. As a rule, however, railway shares which are traded in upon the New York Stock Exchange are those referred to.