Cash Grain

Grain for delivery at once. "Spot Grain " has the same meaning.

Cash Surrender Value

See " Surrender Value."


Copper, which, from impurities, is defective in' strength and electrical conductivity, but which can be used in making castings for ordinary purposes where great strength or electrical conductivity is not required.

Cats And Dogs

Low grade securities; those of uncertain value; securities which do not belong in the investment class, but are highly speculative.

Cattle Paper

A note that is secured by a mortgage on stock cattle, or cattle in the feed lot; that is, cattle which are being prepared for the market either by the producer or breeder, or by the feeder who takes developed cattle and fattens them. These notes are almost invariably secured by a mortgage on the cattle, and are not usually " discounted " (see that subject), but with interest running from date. A chattel mortgage securing the note includes, in some cases, the corn which is being fed to the cattle. Strictly speaking, " cattle paper " would not include a note secured by a mortgage on dairy cows. These notes are mostly made by banks situated in, or tributary to, the grazing section of the country.


In the financial sense, a notice to stop payment.

Caveat Emptor

" Let the buyer beware," i.e., the buyer takes his own risk.


A term frequently used in London to designate the ordinary shares of the Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers.


The smallest coin in value of the United States, con-taining 45.60 grains of fine copper and 2.40 grains of tin and zinc. Legal tender in amounts not exceeding 25 cents.


One hundred pounds weight, avoirdupois.


1 Subsidiary silver coins of the Philippine Islands of the following denominations:

50 Centavos of the weight of 208 grains

















All the above to be, by weight, 900 parts of pure metal and 100 parts of copper alloy. One hundred Centavos equal 1 peso, which in turn equals 50 cents in our money. One centavo is equivalent to 1/2 of our cent.

Minor coins of copper, metal, etc., of lesser denominations than the above are also in circulation.