When a stock exchange broker compares his sales and purchases with other brokers to determine that no misunderstandings exist, "comparisons" have been effected. (See next subject.)

Comparison Slip (Or Ticket

) The slip of paper which one broker exchanges with another showing the transaction between them.

(See " Comparisons.")


An agreement whereby a creditor accepts part payment in lieu of an entire debt due.

Compound Interest

See " Simple Interest."

Compound Option

See "Call-of-more," "Put-of-more," "Spread " and " Straddle," any of which are meant.


An officer who performs certain duties in examining the accounts or taking charge of the financial affairs of a State, municipality, or corporation.

Comptroller of the Currency. "There shall be in the Department of the Treasury a bureau charged with the execution of all laws passed by Congress relating to the issue and regulation of a national currency secured by United States bonds, the chief officer of which bureau shall be called the Comptroller of the Currency, and shall perform his duties under the general direction of the Secretary of the Treasury.' He has, in effect, control of all national banks.

Comptroller's Call

See " National Bank Call."


(or Consol.). Consolidated.


The Philippine "pesos" are unofficially called "Conants " in honour of Charles A. Conant, who served as a commissioner on the currency of those islands.

Concealed Wealth

A recently coined Wall Street phrase indicating the value of a property greater than appears by its published statements, and which accounts for certain stocks selling at figures seemingly very high, judged only from their dividend paying records.

1 National Bank Act.

Conditional Indorsement

An instrument upon which the indorser attaches some condition along with his indorsement as to his liability.

Confidence Game

Swindling. (See " Gold Brick.")


"To confirm" is to reduce to writing an order or agreement previously given or made verbally.


One appointed by a court to manage the property of a lunatic, idiot, or other person incapable of managing his affairs.


Something given, as money or property, in return for a promise, as, in a note, or, as one writer puts it: " that it consists in a benefit to the promisor or a detriment to the promisee." 1


The one to whom goods are shipped; the receiver of them.


The one who ships goods. The opposite to the "consignee," who receives them.

Consol Certificates

Issued by the National City Bank of New York to represent ownerships in the " Consols " (to which refer) of Great Britain and Ireland, and which, at one time, were traded in here in America in lieu of the original "consols."

1 F. M. Burdick.