Current Assets

"Shifting and changeable assets"2 such as cash on deposit and on hand, accounts and bills receivable, marketable securities and inventories. (See also "Quick Assets.")

Current Liabilities

Amounts owed subject to constant change, such as accounts payable, loans payable, bills payable, interest and dividends accrued towards the next payments, pay rolls, etc. Floating indebtedness of all kinds comes under this heading, particularly debts due within twelve months.

Current Prices

Present prevailing prices.

Curtailing a Note. If a note falls due and the borrower wishes to extend it for a lesser amount by making a partial payment upon the same, or gives a new note for the reduced sum after making such a payment, the process is called " curtailing." Making partial payments upon a " demand note " from time to time would be to the same effect.

Cutting a Melon. See " Melon."

CV. The " ticker " abbreviation for " convertible."

D d. Penny (pence.)


The "ticker abbreviation for "debenture" or "division." d/a. Stands for "documents for acceptance," to which subject refer.


The Daly-west Mining Co. (gold). In 1902 it absorbed the Quincy Mining Co.

Date Of Bonds

Care should always be taken to avoid dating an issue of bonds upon Sunday. A New Jersey city issued recently $50,000 worth of bonds dated on Sunday. New ones had to be created to replace them.

Dating (Dating a Bill). A commercial term. A purchaser of goods persuades the seller to date the bill a certain length of time ahead of the actual shipment, say thirty days, and then, if he is accustomed to a certain other definite length of time to pay in, the time does not begin until the expiration of the thirty days. By this plan an extra credit time is obtained.

Day Book

This is one of the account books used in single entry bookkeeping, another name for which is " blotter." (Refer to that subject.)

Dead Assets

Valueless or non-income-producing property

Dead Luck

A man who has lost all financial means; a non-income-bearing, valueless, or defaulted security.


A transaction made without general public knowledge; a scheme for profit; a secret financial arrangement for the advantage of those engaged in it, as a " railway deal." "There is a deal on in Grand Pacific." By this is meant that those controlling the affairs of that company are making secret arrangements, or plans, the result of which will probably cause its stock to advance in price, or return other profits to those engineering the " deal." A " deal " is sometimes the taking advantage of forthcoming events at the expense of the stockholders.