Stock not held by member banks shall not be entitled to voting power.

The Fed. Res. Board is hereby empowered to adopt and promulgate rules and regulations governing the transfers of said stock.

No Fed. Res. bank shall commence business with a subscribed capital less than $4,000,000. The organization of Res. Dists. and Fed. Res. cities shall not be construed as changing the present status of reserve cities and central reserve cities, except in so far as this Act changes the amount of reserves that may be carried with approved reserve agents located therein. The organization committee shall have power to appoint such assistants and incur such expenses in carrying out the provisions of this Act as it shall deem necessary, and such expenses shall be payable by the Treasurer of the U. S. upon voucher approved by the Secy, of the Treas., and the sum of $100,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated, out of any moneys in the Treas. not otherwise appropriated, for the payment of such expenses.