Gold Standard Act

See " Financial Bill."

Gold Standard Of Value

See "Standard of Value."

Gold Treasury Certificates

See "Gold Certificates."


See first part of " Consols."

Go Short

See " Selling Short," meaning the same.

Gould Lines (Or Stocks)

Stocks of corporations in which George J. Gould, son of the famous Jay Gould, had a predominating influence; notably, Missouri Pacific, Texas & Pacific, Denver & Rio Grande, Rio Grande Western, Wabash, St. Louis Southwestern, Western Pacific, Western Maryland, Wheeling & Lake Erie, Wabash-pittsburgh Terminal (now Pittsburgh & West Virginia), and the Central Branch Railway Companies.


The monetary unit of Haiti, equivalent to $.965 United States money.

Government Assay Bar

See " Assay Office Bar." Government Bond Interest Anticipated. There have been numerous instances when the Secretary of the Treasury has afforded relief to a stringent money market by the payment of interest on United States Government bonds some time previous to its actually being due. This occurred Dec. 15, 1905, after which date coupons due Jan. 1, 1906, were paid on presentation, and checks mailed to registered holders. The amount due was $4,200,000, which was expected to give some assistance, for money rates were extremely high at the time.

Government Depository

See " United States Depository."

Government Note

Government paper money.


"United States Government bonds." (See "Government Bonds.)"


A definition for the slang meaning of this word has been recently given in the New York State legislature by one of the State Senators, who said: "It is giving great power for nothing, sneaking bills through which have a hidden purpose."


See "Days of Grace."


The per cent, of grade means so many feet vertically in 100 feet horizontal. A 5% grade, for instance, means a rise of 5 feet in each 100 feet of horizontal distance travelled. A mile representing 5,280 feet, a 1% grade means a rise of 52.8 feet in that distance; a 4% grade means a rise of 211.2 feet in a mile.


This is not a new thing; it has existed time out of mind. "Graft" is an old word which has recently been given a new meaning to meet the American demand for time-saving, by expressing much in little. It denotes dishonesty in business; corruption among public officials, or the abuse of any trust to a dishonest money-making end. Technically it does not mean putting the hand in the safe and deliberately stealing, but the abuse of opportunities possessed over one's fellows to make money. Selling one's vote or influence, bribery, etc., are examples.