Grain Bill

A "Bill of exchange " (see that subject) drawn against a shipment of grain.

Grain Pit

See "Pit."

Grain Roads

The railway companies, particularly of the West and Middle West, which derive large earnings from the transportation of agricultural products; such as the

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Rwy. Chicago & Northwestern Rwy. Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R. R. Chicago Great Western Rwy. Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Rwy. Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Rwy. Great Northern R.r. Illinois Central R. R. Northern Pacific R. R. St. Louis & San Francisco R. R. Union Pacific R. R.

These are also called ("granger roads").


The Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting & Power Co., Limited. (Copper.)

Granger (Or Granger Road)

See "Grain Roads."

Great Holidays

"Legal holidays" observed in all the States, as Sunday, Fourth of July, and Christmas.

Great Western

Chicago Great Western Railway Co. Frequently known as the "Maple Leaf."


These are the same as " United States notes."


The Greene Consolidated Copper Co. There is also the Greene Consolidated Gold Co.


Greene Cananea Copper Co., a virtual consolidation of the Greene Consolidated Copper Co., and the Cananea Central Copper Co.

Gresham's Law

Jevons, in his "Money and the Mechanism of Exchange," briefly explains the law, the truth of which Sir Thomas Gresham perceived three centuries ago, as " bad money drives out good money, but good money cannot drive out bad money." Jevons goes on to say further that " the people, as a general rule, do not reject the better, but pass from hand to hand indifferently the heavy and the light coins, because their only use for the coin is as a medium of exchange. It is those who are going to melt, export, hoard, or dissolve the coins of the realm, or convert them into jewelry and gold leaf, who carefully select for their purposes the new heavy coins."


See " Fourpence."


Including everything - no deduction being made. This is more specifically set forth under the next subject.

Gross Earnings

The total amount of income received by a corporation during any stated period from the operation of its legitimate business. In some cases the income derived from rentals or securities owned of other corporations, in which possibly some of the surplus money of the company may be invested, is included in gross earnings. Strictly speaking, however, such items as this latter should come under a separate heading.

Ground Floor (Price). A price less than which no one obtained the security. A term often used to designate the price at which the originators of a financial proposition, such as a syndicate, obtained a participation or interest therein, as distinguished from the price at which the same securities were later sold to the public at large.

"He got in on the ground floor," meaning that he was a participant in the original syndicate.

G. T. C. Good till cancelled