The writer's idea of enumerating in the foregoing matter some of the things upon which the successful speculator of the present day should be posted, and some of the things for him to consider, is to cause him to give time for thought and consideration before making a purchase or sale; to cause him to think for himself, act more upon his own responsibility and less upon what he may read and hear. The average stock-exchange broker is sometimes so near the scene of action that, however honestly inclined he may be, he will fail in his judgment.

In the preceding pages emphasis is laid upon the investor selecting a banking house of long experience and established reputation with which to conduct his dealings. That same advice is most strenuously offered to those who desire to speculate.

Finally, a few suggestions which are almost personal in their character:

Keep a record in some form - either by the stubs of your check-book, or by a simple system of bookkeeping - of your receipts and expenditures, and balance at stated intervals to find where you stand.

Do not destroy receipts; they should be kept at least six years.

Do not allow a bill which is found correct and deserving of payment to remain unpaid more than twenty-four hours.

When doing business with friends or relatives conduct it upon strictly businesslike principles.

Always retain copies of business letters sent as well as the originals of all received, having some system of filing the same.

In changing your address, notify all institutions or bankers with whom you have any financial dealings, and send notice to all corporations in which you are a stockholder; likewise corporations or municipalities of which you happen to be a registered bond holder.

Always write a telegram without punctuation marks. Then, if it reads clearly, send it.

If anybody is to do considerable investing, some form of filing information relating to the same, annual reports of the different corporations, etc., is desirable.

1 The stock exchanges use every effort to prevent such methods.

Listed below are certain subjects which will be found in the body of the book and which those of limited experience in investment or money matters may read in connection with the foregoing:

For the Investor and Speculator

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