The " ticker " abbreviation for " improvement."

Imperial Bank Of Germany

See " Bank of Germany."

Import Point Of Gold

See " Gold Import Point."


See " Betterment."

Improvement Bond

See next subject.


The " ticker " abbreviation for " income."

Inactive Account

A bank account against which very few checks are drawn and at infrequent intervals, and to the credit of which deposits are not often made; or an account with a broker which shows infrequent purchases and sales on the part of the customer.

Inactive Market

When sales are growing less in volume and transactions are few and for small amounts.

Inactive Stocks Or Bonds

Securities which are bought and sold only at infrequent intervals; seldom quoted; difficult for the public at large to ascertain the market value of. There are brokers, or bankers, in nearly every important city who make a business of dealing in inactive securities in general, or are specialists in regard to certain ones. (See " Active Stocks or Bonds.")

In And Out

A speculation of short duration, as a purchase of a certain stock followed by a quick sale of the same.


The English term for a bank clerk who enters in the bank's clearing books at the " clearing-house " the items against his bank as received, and who determines the " clearing-house balance" for his bank. This term distinguishes him from the " out-clearer," who is the clerk at the bank making similar records of items against other banks for collection. (See subjects in quotations.)

Income Basis (Or Return)

See "Net Return upon the Investment."

Inconvertible Paper Money

Money for which there has not been provided satisfactory, if any, arrangements for its conversion into standard money. This is also referred to as "irredeemable paper money."


See " Corporation."


This is generally understood to be a contract, an agreement under seal, or a deed between two or several parties. The name arises from a custom of drawing a deed with the edge indented for identification and greater security. Blackstone says: "If a deed be made by more parties than one, there ought to be regularly as many copies of it as there are parties, and each should be cut or indented ... on the top or side, to tally or correspond with the others; which deed, so made, is called an indenture."

Independent Telephone Companies

See "Telephone Securities." ing the principal for others, must be more careful to distinguish between real income and increase which comes from an increase in the value of the property." - The American Law Relating to Income and Principal. 1 Blackstone's Commentaries.

India Council Bills

See " Council Drafts."