A " junior mortgage " is usually understood. An " improvement mortgage " secures an issue of bonds necessitated in order to provide funds for improvements, additions, betterments, etc., to a property. As in the case of a " general mortgage bond," it is customary to make the authorized issue large enough to also provide for future improvements when needed, and to replace earlier mortgage bonds as they mature or can be paid off. Their investment value depends not only upon the credit standing of the company, but upon the amount of bonds whose claims must be satisfied first, the character of the improvements for which issued, etc. Consider them from the standpoint of at least a "second" and probably a " third mortgage bond."

An issue of this class is that of the Denver and Rio Grande R. R. Co. Gold 5's, brought out to provide means for laying a third rail to broaden the narrow-gauge road to standard gauge and for other improvements.

"Street improvement," and "public improvement" bonds, among the municipal issues, are often referred to as "improvement bonds."

"In case the person cannot write his name I write it for him ' by W. S. Tibbets, Treas.,' and let him make a cross over it.

"In case of deposits by an executor, administrator, guardian, or one person for another, after he enters the name in the signature book he writes ' by' and affixes his signature, and then fills out the card for the other person."