Joint Collateral Trust Bonds

See last subject.

Joint Indorsement

Sometimes a note is made payable to two or more persons, not partners. Their indorsement in such a case is " joint."

Joint Mortgage

This is explained under "Joint Bonds;" that is to say, such a bond as there described would be a " joint mortgage bond " if secured by a mortgage on the property of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R. R. Co., and guaranteed by the Great Northern and Northern Pacific Railroad Companies.


Those keeping a record of their transactions with others use an account book termed a " journal," in which is entered the daily record of all transactions, which are not cash, which latter, of course, are entered in the " Cash Book." The chief uses of a journal are for entries in closing or balancing accounts, charging off profits or losses, and making entries of correction. In double entry bookkeeping, entries are so made that not only the accounts to which these items are afterwards to be posted in the ledger will show, but whether to the debit or credit of such account.

J. S. D. M. June, September, December, March; interest or dividends payable quarterly, beginning with June.

Judgment Bond

Issued in satisfaction of a debt adjudged legal by a decision of the court. Such bonds, presupposing an ability to pay, are considered safe; the courts recognizing no right of the issuing party to avoid payment unless the existence of fraud in obtaining the judgment can be demonstrated.

Judgment Debt

An indebtedness which has been legalized by action of a court.

Judgment Note

When a debtor wishes to avoid having a law suit brought against him, he may be willing to acknowledge the debt by giving a " judgment note," which is simply an ordinary promissory note containing a power of attorney to appear and confess judgment for him.

Junior Bonds Or Securities

Bonds over which another issue has precedence, and which latter, would have prior claim upon the property, in case of foreclosure.

Junior Lien

See "Junior Mortgage."

Junior Mortgage

A mortgage over which some other mortgage would take precedence in the case of foreclosure.

" Junior mortgages " would have reference to all but the " first mortgage."

J. & D. Interest or dividends payable semi-annually; June and December.

J. & J. Interest or dividends payable semi-annually, January and July.

Kaffir Circus

The name given to that particular part of the London Stock Exchange in which the jobbers and brokers who deal in "Kaffirs" stand. (See next subject.)


Mining securities of the Johannesburg District of South Africa.