A term for the securities (mining, etc.) of West Australia, dealt in upon the London Stock Exchange.


Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Railway Co.

Keep Alive

Not cancelled, but still drawing interest. If a company buys in some of its own bonds for its " sinking fund " account, and continues to pay interest on them as if in the hands of an outside party, the bonds are said to be "kept alive."


To make a " killing " is to profit handsomely.

Kiting, Kite Flying, or Kiting Checks. This is a method of sustaining a fictitious balance in a bank by the use of accommodation paper, and all depends upon the custom which banks pursue of giving the depositor credit for checks of other people as soon as deposited, and without waiting until the same have been collected. As an example, Green and Brown agree to exchange checks for $1,000 each. Each wants immediate use of all or part of that sum. Each, accordingly, gives the other his check for $1,000, which is properly deposited in his respective bank. They go on the principle that the checks will. not be collected before the following day, each expecting to make the amount good at his own bank before it is collected.

This same method may be adopted by a man having two different bank accounts, - depositing in one account a check against the other, expecting to make it good at the latter bank the following day.

Kiting Stocks

Pushing the prices of stocks to high levels not warranted by the established earning powers of properties; trying to establish new high records in prices.


The Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway Co.

Knocked Down

The declaration on the part of an auctioneer that a sale has been effected; i. & " sold," is equivalent to the above.


See " Bank of Germany."


A Russian silver "kopeck" is one-hundredth part of their "ruble," and is equal to about one-half cent United States money. The copper "kopeck" is estimated at $.0075 in our money.


The monetary unit of Persia, and equivalent to about $.081 United States money.


The monetary unit of Austria-hungary, and equivalent to $.203 United States money. Also the monetary unit of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, being equivalent to $.268 United States money.


The sign used in the Austria-hungary monetary system for the "crown," as $ is for our dollar.

K. T. Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway Company.


Abbreviation for Elevated Railway.

Lac (Or Lakh)

One hundred thousand "rupees." (See that subject.)


Delaware, Lackawanna & Western R. R. Co.