Lottery Bonds

Bonds which may be drawn by lot at some date earlier than the actual maturity specified in the face of the security, or such securities as referred to in "Premium Bonds "might be considered as "lottery bonds."


A " gold Louis " (" Louis d'or ") is the French twenty-franc piece. It was first coined in 1640 during the reign of Louis XIII. The modern twenty-franc piece is called a "Napoleon."

Louisiana Purchase Exposition Dollar

United States gold dollars of special design minted during 1902 and 1903 in recognition of the St. Louis World's Fair, total amount coined, $250,258 of standard weight and fineness.

Louisville And Nashville

Louisville & Nashville R. R. Co.

L. s. d. The signs used in Great Britain for "pounds," "shillings," and " pence."

Lying Down

A refusal to meet one's agreements or contracts.


Mackay Companies. A "voluntary association" owning the Commercial Cable Co., and other similar properties.


Boston & Maine R. R. Co.

Maine Central

Maine Central R. R. Co.

Maintenance Of Equipment

A heading of an account as exhibited in the operating statement of the earnings of a railroad and should include, as determined by the Interstate Commerce Commission, all renewals and repairs to rolling stock, marine equipment if any, as well as shop machinery, tools, etc., superintendence, stationery, printing, and other expenses incurred in relation thereto.

Maintenance Of Way And Structure

This heading is always seen under the "Operating Expenses" of a railroad company and, as classified by the Interstate Commerce Commission, includes the following: Repairs of roadway, renewals of rails and ties, repairs and renewals of bridges, culverts, fences, road crossings, signs, cattle guards, buildings and fixtures, docks, wharves and telegraph, stationery and printing in connection with the foregoing; also minor expenses referred to as "Other Expenses," which go to preserve a good physical condition of the line of road.

Manufacturing Aid Bonds

See " Railroad Aid Bonds."

Maple Leaf

Chicago Great Western Railway Company.


(Reichs-mark.) The German monetary unit of value, equal to $.238 United States money; also a Finnish coin equivalent to $.193 our money.

On the New York stock exchange $1.00 is reckoned as the equivalent of 4 German marks, although there is an actual difference of $.048, which must be considered in quoting securities affected thereby.

Marked Check

It is not uncommon for a depositor to have an agreement with his bank that every check drawn by him shall bear a certain private mark, supposedly known only to himself and the bank, as a safeguard against forgery; no checks to be honoured by the bank unless bearing this mark.

This is not entirely advisable, however, as an intending forger once learning of such a mark can with greater ease than otherwise effect a forgery.