The person who signs a note, draft, etc.

Making-Up Day. The first of the "fortnightly settling-days," which subject see, as well as "Contango Day."

Making-Up Price. To understand this, it is necessary to read " Stock Exchange Clearing-house." "Making-up price " is, with us, what is referred to under that heading as the " delivery price."

In London this term has reference to the price at which a security is carried over to the next settlement, as explained under "Contango." The price at which some one else who is willing to furnish the stock, for example, sells it to him, for immediate delivery, and buys it in again for the next (new) account, is the " making-up price."

The "making-up prices" are fixed at the hour of noon, on what is known as "Contango Day " (to which subject refer), by an official of the London Stock Exchange.

On the following day, which is " Ticket-day," "making-up prices" are again fixed by which all unsettled bargains on the following day - " Account-day" - for securities which pass "by delivery," as it is called, shall be brought down and temporarily adjusted. This also applies to securities which pass by " deed of transfer," except bargains in securities subject to arrangement by the " Settlement Department," which are temporarily adjusted at the "making-up' price" of the Contango Day.

M and N. Interest or dividends payable semi-annually, May and November.

M and S. Interest or dividends payable semi-annually, March and September.

M. A. N. F. May, August, November, February; interest or dividends payable quarterly, beginning with May.

And a " manual exchange " of the securities has been accomplished.