In general the meaning is the predominating feeling as to values. We say the market is high or low, by which we mean the price, or rate of, purchase. When, however, we use the expression, "sell in the market," we mean more the place of sale, without reference to the rate or price; but, to " sell at the market," means to sell at the best price obtainable, and, in that instance, would have reference to the rate, or price, rather than the place.

In speaking of the "money market," the prevailing rates at which money can be borrowed is understood. If the " market is bad," it means that prices are low and purchasers not easy to find. The wood "market " is in such constant use in talking financially, that almost an endless list of expressions could be cited, making use of the word, but its general application and meaning is as set forth above, from an understanding of which it should be easy to interpret its meaning however used.

Market Off

"The market on U. P. is off five points the last hour:" indicating that the price declined to that extent within the hour.

Market Orders

Orders to buy or sell at the best obtainable prices after receipt of the orders.

Market Prices

Prices which are actually being realized; prices which are current at the time and obtainable, or approximately so.

Market Value

The "market value" of a security at any given time is the price which it will (probably) bring if sold, or the price at which a security can (probably) be bought.

Marking Down Rates

Lenders of "call money" notify the borrowers of a decrease in interest rate.

Marking Time

A waiting, hesitating condition of the market.

Marking Up Rates

A notice to the borrowers of "call money" of an increase in the interest rates charged thereon.


In quotations of foreign exchange (see "Exchange") "marks" is the common term used to designate exchange on Berlin, the same as we say "francs," referring to exchange on Paris.

Mark Signature

The general custom is, when it is necessary for a person unable to write to sign his name to any legal instrument, that he must make a cross - mark - and then some other person, who saw him do so, must write his name for him near it, in his presence and in this manner: his Paul X Jones mark and then sign his own name as a witness.

In California it is necessary to have an additional witness, and they must make and sign a statement in form substantially as follows:

Paul Jones being unable to write, he made his mark in our presence, and Richard Black wrote Paul Jones' name at his request and in his presence.

Paul X Jones.

Richard Black

Peter Smith.