Net Income

After all costs of operating and fixed charges of every kind have been deducted from the earnings of a corporation, the balance, which is the amount available for dividends, may be called "net income."

Net Increase

"The net increase in bank note circulation last week was $668,308;" meaning, that there was $668,308 more circulation taken out than retired.

Net Price

The lowest price; the price less all discounts or other allowances.

Net Surplus

The profits which are left after paying all the expenses of operating, taxes, insurance, interest on debts of all kinds, sinking fund, if any, and dividends. As distinguished from "surplus," the latter would be before making deductions for dividends; "net surplus," after deducting dividends. Some writers figure that preferred dividends should be deducted before arriving at the "net surplus," but not dividends on the common stock.

Net Worth

The difference between what a concern owns and what is due to it, and what it owes to others, is the " net worth;" the excess of its assets over its liabilities. Usually, intangible assets such as good-will and patents, are not included.


A Chicago Board of Trade term, which has reference to new grain, and is inserted in each certificate of inspection of a newly harvested crop of oats until the fifteenth day of August; of rye, until the first day of September; of wheat, until the first day of November; and of barley until the first day of May, of each year.

New Account

"For the new account;" for the next account; that is, in London, transactions which are not consummated on the "fortnightly settling-days" would be understood, by this term, to go forward into the next "fortnightly settlement."

Newfoundland Government Cash Notes

Issued by that Government in making payments on account of public works in the outlying districts of the island. Their circulation is limited, and they are not re-issued when once deposited in the Bank of Montreal, at St. John's, Newfoundland, where they are redeemable. They are in denominations of $5, $1, 80 cents, 50 cents, and 40 cents, payable to bearer.

1 Information furnished by the Bank of Montreal, Canada.

New Haven

New York, New Haven & Hartford R. R. Co.

New York Balances

"Clearing-House Balances " for New York City.

New York balance - note that the "s" on the last word is omitted - refers to the amount on deposit, in New York, to the credit of a bank or other corporation, firm, or individual located elsewhere.

New York Consolidated Stock And Petroleum Exchange

See "Consolidated Exchange.,,

New York Consolidated Stock Exchange

See "Consolidated Exchange."