In financial slang, this means the same as a "tip." (See that subject.)


In most stock exchanges there are set aside certain places (posts set on the floor) where some of the most active and important securities dealt in upon the exchange are bought and sold. Such designated spots are known as the " Sugar Post," for example, where transactions in the shares of the American Sugar Refining Co. are carried on. These correspond to the " Wheat Pit," " Oats Pit," " Provision Pit," etc., of the Chicago Board of Trade.

In bookkeeping to "post" is to make entries in the ledger from accounts previously entered in other books, such as the journal or cash book. When an account has been " posted " in the ledger, it will show a true state of its condition.

Power Of Attorney

A money-order may be paid upon a written order or power of attorney from the payee, as well as upon his indorsement.


More than one indorsement on a money-order is prohibited by law. One or more additional names, however, may be written upon the back of orders for purpose of identification of payee, or guaranty of genuineness of signature of the payee or indorsee. But if the holder is the second or any subsequent indorsee, to obtain the amount he must surrender the order and make application for a duplicate or a warrant to be issued in place thereof by the Department. The stamp impressions which banks ordinarily place upon money-orders left with or sent to them for collection are not regarded as indorsements transferring ownership of the orders or within the meaning of the statute which prohibits more than one indorsement.


Issued by the Bank of England for not less than 10, drawn payable seven days after sight, and "accepted" at the time of issue. These first came into use Dec. 14, 1738, the intent being to foil the highway robbers, as the interval before payment would be due might give time to stop payment.1

Post Dated Check

One dated ahead. No bank should pay a check earlier than the date entered upon it.

Posted Rates

Bankers dealing in foreign exchange post a daily table of rates (or prices) for exchange, which is for use of the general public, but may differ from "actual rates," which are private terms made to brokers or other buyers for large sums and somewhat less than the "posted rates." "Posted rates" are sometimes referred to as "nominal rates."


A nickname for People's Gas Light & Coke Co.; the "ticker" abbreviation being " P. O."


The English1 unit of value (formerly the shilling was the unit) equal to S4.866 1/2 in United States money; the sign for it being . The adding of the word "sterling" to "pound" is to designate a pound in money from a pound in weight. Also the monetary unit of Egypt, equivalent to $4.943, and written thus: E.