In financial matters, a written or printed paper signed - and witnessed or acknowledged before a justice of the peace - given by one person to another, whereby the latter receives authority to sign a paper or document, etc., in the former's name and stead, such signature having the same force and value as if signed by the person delegating the authority. "Powers of attorney" are much used in the transfer of stock certificates.

It is necessary that a "power of attorney," in order to confer any authority upon a person, must specify the powers conferred. The language used may be, and frequently is, general and somewhat vague, in which case, it is a question of construction of the instrument whether any particular power has been conferred, but a "power of attorney" in order to constitute a person an attorney to perform any particular act must have some language specifying the powers conferred and which the attorney may exercise on behalf of his principal.

A common form of "Power of Attorney" used in the transfer of stocks:

Know all Men by these presents

That___________________________________________________________ for value received, have bargained, sold, assigned and transferred, and by these presents do bargain, sell, assign and transfer unto

Shares of the_______________________stock of the_________________ standing in_________name on the books of the said____________________ represented by certificate No._________________________________________.

And_______do hereby constitute and appoint _______________ true and lawful attorney, Irrevocably, for__________________and in____________name and stead but to_______use, to sell, assign, transfer.

And make over all or any part of the said_______and for that purpose to make and execute all necessary acts of assignment and transfer thereof, and to substitute one or more persons with like full power, hereby ratifying and confirming all that said attorney__________________________or__________

____________substitute or substitutes shall lawfully do by virtue hereof.

In Witness whereof,________________________have hereunto set______

______________hand and seal at________________________the day of_________________________190---------.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered in the presence of

____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________