In incorporated companies the business is delegated to officers who are elected at a meeting held by the various stockholders, and each holder of stock is entitled to one vote for each share which he owns. At times he may not deem it necessary, or may find it impossible, to attend the meeting, and, in order that he may not lose his vote, he may authorize some other person to vote his stock for him. This authority is called a "proxy," and is represented in writing by a paper properly signed and witnessed, which confers to such other person the right to vote for the person giving the " proxy."

Since there have been so many instances of continued control (unsatisfactory) of corporations by the aid of proxies, it behoves all persons to give this method of delegating their voting rights careful thought.

This is common form of a " proxy: "

Know all men by these Presents, That__________the undersigned, Stockholder in the______________________________________________________ do hereby appoint__________________________________true and lawful

Attorney, with power of substitution, for_______and in_______, to vote at the meeting of the stockholders in said_______________________to be held at

____________________________________, or at any adjournment thereof, with all the powers_____________________should possess if personally present, hereby revoking all previous proxies.



_______________________ ____________________