Ragged Bond

When unmatured coupons have been cut from a bond and attached to it again by a pin, or some such method, the security is termed a "ragged bond."

Rag Money

"Paper money."


A sudden fall in prices brought about by the efforts of one or more persons desiring to attain that end.

Railroad Equipment Companies

Corporations which manufacture rolling stock and other equipment for the railroads. Some of the most important are the American Locomotive Co., the American Car & Foundry Co., the Pressed Steel Car Co., and the Railway Steel-spring Co.


The expression is often used, for instance, " Rails are strong; meaning railway stocks are advancing in price.1

Railway Trust Bond

Another name for a " collateral trust band,"

Rail, Weight of. It is customary to speak of a 50, 60, or 90, etc., pound rail. This means the weight of the rail per yard;that is, a " 90 lb. rail" weighs 90 pounds for each three feet in length.

Raised Check

See " Check."


A term .used in the stock market to express a rise in the price of stocks after a sudden decline.


The English equivalent of the American term " manipulate." An artificial level of prices brought about by interests powerful enough so to do, to the end that outsiders will be tempted to buy what those back of the move desire to sell. A common practice in the stock market.


From Witwatersrand, meaning White Water Range. As used in relation to mining and investment matters, it has reference to that part of South Africa in which is located the important gold mines of that section of the world. In somewhat the same sense as the expression " Wall Street," " Rand " has rather a broader meaning than a mere territorial one, in that' it goes a bit further so as to include the mines themselves and, in some instances, the people associated in their management.

Ran Off

Prices declined.

Rapid Transit

A short name for Brooklyn Rapid Transit Co.


Short for " contango " rate. (See " Contango.")

Rate Of Exchange

Supposing that the reader understands " exchange," then the " rate of exchange " indicates price of the money of one country as reckoned in that of another.


This may be understood by reading " Mercantile Agency." " Rating " is the financial standing or credit of a person, firm, or corporation.

1 This term perhaps first originated in about 1838 when "Yankee rails'* were first traded in upon the London market.


The " ticker " abbreviation for " real estate." React. Prices may " react " after an advance. To " react ' means a change in the direction of prices from the upward tendency which had been existing up to the time of such reaction.