A domestic order may be repaid at the office of issue within one year from the last day of the month of its issue.

Invalid Orders

An order which has not been paid or repaid within one year from the last day of the month of its issue is invalid and not payable. The owner, however, may obtain payment of the amount thereof by making application, through the postmaster at any money-order office, to the Department, for a warrant for the said amount. The invalid order, if in the owner's possession, must be forwarded with the application.

Lost Orders

In all cases of lost orders, the remitter, payee, or indorsee may make application, through either the office at which the original was issued or the office on which the original was drawn, for a duplicate to be issued in lieu thereof.

No charge is made for the issue of a duplicate order, nor for the issue of a warrant for the amount of an invalid order.


For domestic money orders 3 cents to 30 cents, and these rates apply to orders payable in the United States (which includes Hawaii and Porto Rico) and its possessions, comprising the Canal Zone, Guam, the Philippines, and Tutuila, Samoa; also for orders payable in Bermuda, British Guiana, British Honduras, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Newfoundland, at the United States Postal Agency at Shanghai (China), in the Bahama Islands and in certain other islands in the West Indies.

The fees for foreign money orders payable in any country on which a money order may be drawn, other than those named above, may be ascertained upon inquiry at the post office.