A term which has about the same meaning as "manipulated." When the stock market has been "rigged" it is understood that events have been made to transpire in accordance with the wishes of those powerful enough to effect such results. A trap is rigged to catch the unwary animal; the market is rigged to catch the unwary speculator or investor.

Right Price

First understand "Options." In London it is usual to refer to the ordinary market price for a forward bargain in firm stocks as the " right price " for the period in question.


As used in reference to speculation, it is practically the same as "clique."

Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto Co., Ltd. A copper mine located in Spain; largely an English and French owned corporation. The stock is extensively handled in London.


Used in London to designate the "ordinary shares" of the Rio Tinto Co., Ltd.

Rolling Stock

Locomotives, cars, hand cars, snow plows; in fact all such equipment of a steam, electric, or other railway.

Room Shorts

(See "Selling Short.") Members of the stock exchange and who do the actual trading thereon; that is, "board men," who have been " selling short."

Room Traders

See "Traders."

Round Transaction (Or Trade)

A complete transaction; i. e. buying what has been sold, to make good one's contracts, or selling what has been bought. A purchase of 100 shares of Union Pacific followed by its sale is a " round transaction."

Round Turn

Explained under " Cotton."

Royal Blue Line

The Baltimore and Ohio R. R. Co.

Royal Exchange

Where transactions in foreign exchange occur in London.


The sign for the "rupees" of India, as $ is for our dollar. (See also " Rupee.")


United States Rubber Co.

Rubber Goods

Rubber Goods Manufacturing Co.


The unit of money in Russia, and equal to 51 1/2 cents in United States money.


1 "Run on a bank." A prevailing belief that a bank is insolvent, or in a condition likely to make it difficult for the depositors to secure their money on demand, often causes a sudden panicky rush among the bank's depositors for the purpose of withdrawing what is due them. This is referred to as a "run" and sometimes brings financial disaster to the bank, or at other times a prompt payment of all claims may restore confidence, stopping the "run."


A bank's "runner " is its messenger. (See " Tout.")

Running Account

See "Open Account," which is the same thing.

Rupee Paper

The Government securities in India being payable, both principal and interest, in "rupees" (a silver coin equal to $.3244 1/3 United States money), are termed "rupee paper." When, however, payment is demanded in England, bills of exchange on Calcutta are given.