Next to the last of the London "Fortnightly Settling-days" (see that subject). Upon this day clearing tickets are passed. The broker prepares a ticket upon which is given the buyer's name and address and the price at which the transaction is made, which he hands to the selling jobber. These tickets go from one to another until they reach the actual buyers or sellers. Thus delivery may be accomplished without the intervention of any intermediaries. (This whole matter may be better understood by reading "London Stock Exchange Transactions.") "Ticket-day" is also called "Name-Day."

1 Introduced in 1867.

Besides the stock " ticker " there are similar machines which furnish quotations upon various commodities, such as grain, cotton, coffee, etc., as the transactions take place in the large exchanges where such commodities are handled.

Complete information in relation to all the signs and abbreviations appearing upon the " tape " will be found in " The Ticker Book " by S. S. Fontaine and R. L. Neville.