Vanderbilt Interests

Those railway companies in which the well-known Vanderbilt family in New York, and other persons associated with them, own either direct control, or control through other companies; and those railway companies in which their direct or indirect ownership is great enough to influence its management, and lines leased to any of the foregoing. Such railway companies, for instance, as the New York Central & Hudson River, Michigan Central, the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis, the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, the Canada Southern, the Lake Erie & Western, the New York, Chicago & St. Louis, the Boston & Albany, the Rutland, the Cincinnati Northern, the Peoria & Eastern, the Pittsburg & Lake Erie, etc., a list too long to give here.


Profit; a " bonus." If a man buys 100 shares of stock for $10,000, and later sells 75 shares at such an advance in price that his original $10,000, plus commission, etc., is returned to him; the 25 shares left standing him nothing, these shares may be called " velvet."

Vendor's Shares (of Stock). Shares issued to one who sells property to a company, and in entire or part payment for the same. An English term and custom.


Victoria Copper Mining Co.

Virginia Debt Certificates

See "Brown Brothers' Virginia Deferred Certificates."

Visible Supply

This term is generally used in reference to grain, cotton, or agricultural products, meaning the amount on storage in the large centres and what is in transit.

Voluntary Bankruptcy

See "Bankrupt."

Voting Trust

It is often desirable to place the voting control of the stock of a corporation in the hands of certain persons for a definite time. A " voting trust " is formed, the stockholders agreeing to delegate the voting power of their stock to certain named persons, called "voting trustees."

" These forms of control as vested in a board of trustees represent, not ownership of stock, but merely a unified voting power during a specified term of years."

Any dividends declared in the meantime go to the owners of the stock, or, more particularly, to the owners of the " Voting Trust Certificates." (See next subject.)

Voting Trust Certificates

(See "Voting Trust.") When a "voting trust" is formed it may be so arranged that each stockholder deposits his stock certificate with the " voting trustees," they issuing a negotiable receipt for the same called a "voting trust certificate."

Voting Trustees

See " Voting Trust."


A receipted bill or any written evidence of money expended.


The Wabash Railroad Co.

Waive Protest

See " Protest."