White Money

Silver coins.


One who dishonestly and secretly connects a telegraph or telephone instrument with a public or private line for the purpose of stealing news or information of which profitable advantage may be taken.

Federal Reserve Act And Amendments To September 7, 1916

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the short title of this Act shall be the "Federal Reserve Act."

Wherever the word "bank" is used in this Act, the word shall be held to include State bank, banking association, and trust company, except where national banks or Federal reserve banks are specifically referred to.

The terms "national bank" and "national banking association" used in this Act shall be held to be synonymous and interchangeable. The term "member bank" shall be held to mean any national bank, State bank, or bank or trust company which has become a member of one of the reserve banks created by this Act. The term "board" shall be held to mean Federal Reserve Board; the term "district" shall be held to mean Federal reserve district; the term "reserve bank" shall be held to mean Federal reserve bank.

Branch Officers

Sec. 3. The Fed. Res. Board may permit or require any Fed. Res. bank to establish branch banks within the Fed. Res. Dist. in which it is located or within the Dist of any Fed. Res. bank which may have been suspended. Such branches, subject to such rules and regulations as the Fed. Res. Board may prescribe, shall be operated under the supervision of a board of directors to consist of not more than 7 nor less than 3 directors, of whom a majority of 1 shall be appointed by the Fed. Res. bank of the Dist., and the remaining directors by the Fed. Res. Board. Directors of branch banks shall hold office during the pleasure of the Fed. Res. Board.

Government Deposits

Sec. 15. The moneys held in the general fund of the Treas., except the 5% fund for the redemption of outstanding Nat .-bank notes and the funds provided in this Act for the redemption of Fed. Res. notes may, upon the direction of the Secy. of the Treas., be deposited in Fed. Res. banks, which banks, when required by the Secy. of the Treas., shall act as fiscal agents of the U. S.; and the revenues of the Govt. or any part thereof may be deposited in such banks, and disbursements may be made by checks drawn against such deposits.

No public funds of the Philippine Ids., or of the postal Sav., or any Govt. funds, shall be deposited in the continental U. S. in any bank not belonging to the system established by this Act: Provided, however, That nothing in this Act shall be construed to deny the right of the Secy. of the Treas. to use member banks as depositories.