Window Dressing

Fixing the accounts of a corporation so that they will look well in a public statement. In New York, the trust companies are compelled to make exhibits to the State authorities at stated times. A calling of loans and the selling of securities in anticipation of such a report so that the amount of cash on hand would show favourably would come under this heading.

Wind Up

Liquidate; go out of business.


Winona Copper Co.

Wiped Out

Used to denote a total loss of one's possessions, or the loss of a "margin."


The expression "to wire" has more particular reference to a message by telegraph rather than by telephone.

With Exchange

See " Payable with Exchange."

With Interest

See " Accrued Interest."

Without Interest

See " Flat," meaning the same.

Without Offset

See " Offset."


Wolverine Copper Mining Co.


American Woolen Co.

Wore Off

Prices gradually declined.

Worked for Export. Indicates that a quantity of grain has been sold for export purposes. It is not necessarily understood, however, that the grain is being actually delivered by the elevators or warehouses.

Worked Off

Prices gradually declined. " The market worked off fractionally;" prices declined an eighth or a quarter per cent., for example. The fall in prices was by fractions and not whole points.


See " Manipulation."

Working Capital

The money which is actually needed and used in the conduct of a business. Sometimes loosely used to describe net working capital which is the excess of quick assets over current liabilities.

Working Expenses

This is another term for " Operating Expenses."

Worlds Shipments

A Chicago Board of Trade term indicating weekly shipments of grain from exporting to importing countries.

Write Down

Has the same meaning as " charge down."

Write Off

This has the same meaning as " charge off." x


X. The "ticker" abbreviation for "ex-coupon," "ex-dividend," or " ex-interest."

XC. The same as " ex-coupon."

X-d. The same as " ex-dividend."

X-i. The same as " ex-interest."

Yankee Rails

The general foreign - particularly London - name for United States railway shares. As a rule, however, railway shares traded in upon the New York Stock Exchange are those referred to.


The general foreign - especially London - name for United States securities; meaning particularly those dealt in upon the New York Stock Exchange.

Year Money

Same as " Year Note."

Year Note

A note or written agreement to pay money at the expiration of one year from its date.

Yellow Money

Gold coin.


The monetary unit of Japan, equalling $.498 United States money.