46. VIG'NA, Savi. (In memory of Dominic Vigna, Commentator on Theophrastus.) Calyx of 4 lobes, the upper twice broader, the lower longer; vexillum broad with 2 callosities near the base of the limb; keel not twisted; stigma lateral; legume terete; seeds not compressed. - Twining herbs. Lvs. pinnately trifoliate.

V. hirsuta Feay. Plant hirsute, the stem retrorsely so; cal. with 1 bractlet at base, segm. all acute, the lower acuminate; lfts. ovate-lanceolate, pointed. - Rice held dams, Savannah (Feay), swamps, N. Orleans (Hale). Sts. scrambling over bushes, many feet long, slender. Lfts. 2 to 3' by 1/2 to 1', with scattered, ap-pressed hairs both sides, and minute stipels. Ped. 8 to 12' long, 3 to 5-flowered at the top. Fls. pale yellow, the banner 6" long and 9" broad. Pods 2' long, with 4 to 6 large, black, polyhedral seeds. Oct., Nov. (V. glabra Savi? Doli-chos luteolus Ell.)

47. RHYNCHO'SIA, DC. (Gr.14 Loteae Part 16 586 a beak; in reference to the projecting keel.) Calyx somewhat bilabiate, or 4-parted, with the upper segm. 2 cleft; vexillum without callosities; keel falcate; style glabrous; legume oblique, short, compressed, 1 to 2-seeded; seeds carunculate. - 14 Loteae Part 16 587 Erect, or twining. Lvs, resinous-dotted beneath, pinnately 3-foliate, sometimes reduced to a single leaflet. Fls. yellow.

§ Rhynchosia proper. Calyx segments subulate, the lower much the longest, shorter

..No. 1

§ Arcyphyllum, Ell. Calyx persistent, leafy, segments nearly equal, as long as the

Nos. 2 - 4

§ Pitcheria, Nutt. Calyx segments lance-subulate, the upper rather the longer, shorter

..No. 5

1 R. minima DC. Scrambling, puberulent; lfts. membranous, rhomboidal, acute with a large angle; rac. much longer than the lvs., about 12-flowered; fls. small, remote, reflexed. - Along rivers, S. Car. to Fla. and La. A delicate vine, several feet in length. Lfts. not rugose, 6 to 9" square, petiole hardly 1' long. Rac. axillary, about 6' long. Pods 1/2' long, mucronate.

2 R. volubilis. Twining, pubescent; lvs. 3-foliate, lfts. broadly oval or orbicular, somewhat rhomboidal, obtuse or acute; rac. few (3 to 10)-flowered, pedunculate; cal. segm. ovate-lanceolate, cuspidate. - Dry woods, Ga. (Miss Keen), to La, (Hale). Sts. 2 to 4f long, square, especially downy on the angles. Lower lvs. sometimes? monophyllus; lfts. smaller than in No. 3. Sep. becoming quite large in fruit. (R. difformis DC. and R. latifolia Nutt.)

3 R. simplicifolia. Dwarfish, pubescent, erect; lvs. reduced to a single leaflet orbicular or reniform, obtuse. - Dry sandy woods, S. Car. to Fla. and La. St angular, 1 to 3' high. Lvs. 1 to 2' broad, very veiny and rugous. Fls. small, in one or more dense tufts. Pods ovate-oblong, 7" in length. Apr., May. (R. tomentosa, a. T. & G.)

4 R. erecta DC. Tall, erect, velvety-pubescent; lvs. 3-foliale, lfts. elliptic or oval, acute, terminal one sometimes roundish; fls. fascicled or racemed, axillary and terminal; cal. segm. parted almost to the base, lance-ovate to lance-linear.- Dry soils, Md. to Fla. Sts. about 6-angled, 2 - 5f high. The lowest leaf or lvs. sometimes monophyllous. Lfts. about as large as in No. 3. Rac. 1 to 3' long. (3 to 7' Ell. in Glycine mollissima.) - The leaflets are sometimes strikingly variegated with lines of black dots along the veins above. (R. tomentosa, var. Tor. &, Gr. G. tomentosa, var. Mx

5 R. galactoides. Erect, rigid, with many simple, angular, pubescent branches; lvs. trifoliate, lfts. (small) coriaceous, elliptic or oval, margins reflexed, under surface with numerous resinous atoms; pedicels about equaling the petioles, half as long as the fls. - Ala. and W. Fla. Sts. 2 to 3f high. Lfts. 6 to 9" by 3 to 6", those of the virgate branches much smaller. Fls. yellow.

48. PHASE'OLUS, L. Kidney Bean. (Lat. phaselus, a little boat; from the form of the pods.) Calyx subbilabiate, upper lip 2-toothed, lower 3-toothed; keel with the stamens and style spirally twisted; legume compressed and falcate, or cylindric, many-seeded; seeds compressed, reniform. - Herbaceous, twining or trailing. Lvs. pinnately trifoliate; lfts. stipellate.

Native species - Fls. racemed. Pods falcate..............................................

No. 1

- Fls. 1 or few in a head. Pods straight...............................

Nos. 2 - 4

Exotic. - Stems climbing............................................

Nos. 5 - 7

- Stems erect, bushy.......................................................

1 P. pereunis Walt. Wild Bean Vine. Twining, pubescent; rac. paniculate, mostly in pairs, axillary; lfts. ovate, acuminate, 3-veined; leg. pendulous, falcate, broad-mucronate. -14 Loteae Part 16 588 A slender, twining vine, in dry woods, Can. and U. S., common. St 4 to 7f long, somewhat branching. Lfts. 1 1/2 to 3 1/2' long, 3/4 to equal width; terminal one often subcordate, lateral ones unequally enlarged at base outside, under surface scabrous. Rac 1 to 3 together, 6 to 12' long, loose, often unfruitful. Cor. purple and violet. Leg. about 2' long, 1/3' wide, with compressed, reniform, dark purple seeds. Jl., Aug.

2 P. diversifolius Pers. St. prostrate, diffuse, scabrous with recurved hairs; lfts. angular, 2 to 3-!obed or entire; ped. longer than the leaf, few-flowered, lower tooth of the calyx longer than the tube; leg. pubescent, broadly-linear, cylindric. -14 Loteae Part 16 589 A creeping or climbing plant, 3 to 5f long, on sandy shores and prairies, Can. and U. S. Lfts. 1 to 2' long, 3/4 as wide, with scattered hairs beneath, often variously and very obtusely lobed. Ped. 2 to 8-flowered, 3 to 6' long. Cor. purplish. Leg. becomes black when ripe, 5 to 7-seeded. Aug. - Oct.

3 P. helvolus L. St. slender, twining; lfts. between oblong-ovate and lance-ovate, not lobed; ped. slender, several times longer than the lvs., few-flowered; leg. straight, cyimdric, 8 to 10-seeded. -14 Loteae Part 16 590 Sandy fields, N. Y. to Fla. and La. St. 3 to 5f long. Lfts. 1 to 2' by 1/4 to 1'. Ped. 4 to 8' long, 4 to 7-flowered. Cal. with 2 bracts at base. Cor. purplish, vexillum large, roundish. Leg. 2 to 3' long, very narrow, subfaleate. Aug., Sept. (Strophostylis peduncularis Ell.)

4 P. pauciflorus Benth. St. slender, retrorsely hirsute; lfts. linear-oblong, not lobed, as long as the petiole, hirsute and reticulated on both surfaces; stip. subulate; ped. much longer than the lvs.; hds. few-flowered; leg. hirsute, 5 to 8-seeded. - Prairies, Ill. (Mead). Also Ark. and La. St. 2 to 4f long, prostrate. Lfts. 1 to 2' by 3 to 5". Pods 1 to 1 1/2' long, straight and slender. Jl., Aug. (P. leiospermus T. & G.)