27. CEDRONEL'LA, Mœnch. (Gr.Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 9 1266 oil of cedar; from the fragrance.) Calyx subcampanulate, 5-toothcd; corolla tube exserted, throat dilated, upper lip straight, flattish, emarginate or cleft, lower 3-lid, middle lobe largest; stamens 4, ascending, the upper longer, anther-cells parallel.-Fls. spicate, bracted.

C. cordatum Nutt. Stoloniferous; st. and elongated petioles pubescent; lvs. cordate, obtusely crenate, sparingly hirsute above; spike unilateral; bracts broad-ovate, entire, nearly as long as the calyx; ped. bibracteolate. mostly 1-flowered : cal. segments acute, almost pungent.-Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 9 1267 Rocky streams and Mts. Ohio and Va. Stem about If high, quadrangular. Leaves 3 or 4 pairs, almost as broad as long, petiole about as long as the lamina (1'), upper pairs subsessile. Cor. pale blue, about 1' long, orifice much dilated. Jn.

28. BRUNEL'LA, Tourn. Self-heal. Blue-curls. (German Brune, a disease of the throat for which it was a reputed remedy.) Calyx about 10-ribbed, upper lip dilated, truncate, with 3 short teeth, lower lip with 2 lanceolate teeth ; filaments forked, one point of the fork bearing the anther.-Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 9 1268 . (Prunella, L.)

B. vulgaris L. St. ascending, simple; lvs. oblong-ovate, toothed, petiolate; verticils close, spicate; upper lip of cal. truncate, with 3 awns.-A very common plant, in meadows and low grounds. N. Am., lat. 33° to the Arc. Sea. St. varying from 8' to 2f high, obtusely 4-angled, hairy, simple or slightly branched. Leaves few, opposite, slightly toothed, the stalks gradually becoming shorter from the lower to the upper pair which are sessile. Flowers blue, in a large, oblong-ovate spike of dense verticils. Bracts imbricated, reniform, 2 beneath each verticil. Flowering all summer. A var. with white fls. occurs in N. Y. (G. M. Wilbur.)

29. SCUTELLA'RIA, L. Skull-cap. (Lat. scutella, a small vessel; from the resemblance of the calyx.) Calyx campanulate, bilabiate, lips entire, upper one appendaged on the back and closed after flowering; cor. bilabiate, upper lip vaulted, lower dilated, convex, tube much exserted, ascending, throat dilated; sta. ascending beneath the upper lip; anth. approximate in pairs; ach. tubercular.

§ Flowers large (7 to 13" long), racemed at top of the stem, with bracts, (a)

a Bracts ovate, abrupt at base. Lips of the corolla short.....................................

Nos. 1, 2

a Bracts lance-oblong, acute at base. Leaves notched, petiolate. (b)

b Galea of the corolla longer than the lower p..........................................

Nos. 3, 4

b Galea of the corolla not longer than the lip..........................................

Nos. 5, 6

a Bracts leaf-like, longer than the calyx. Leaves entire, subsessile...............

No. 7

§ Flowers large or small, opposite, solitary, in the axils of the leaves.......................

Nos. 8-10

§ Flowers small (3" long), in slender, axillary, one-sided racemes............................

No. 11

1 S. versicolor Nutt. Erect, branching, glandular-hirsute; lvs. petiolate, broadly ovate, crenate, cordate, pubescent, veiny, the floral sessile, broad-ovate, not cordate, entire, as long as the calyx; rac. simple or branched, long, many-flowered; fls. opposite; cal. hirsute; cor. lower lip scarcely longer than the upper.-Prairies and open woods, Ohio to Mo. and La. St. 18' to 3 to 4f high. Lvs. very veiny, thin, 2 to 4' by 18" to 3', petioles nearly as long. Rac. 3 to 6' long. Fed. shorter than calyx. Cor. 6 to 7" long, blue above, lateral lobes little shorter than the lips. Jl. (3. cordifolia Muhl.)

2 S. saxitilis Riddell. Weak, branched, ascending, pubescent; lvs. petiolate, cordate-ovate, coarsely crenate, upper oval, obtuse, floral ovate, short-petiolate, entire; rac. loose, elongated; cor. lower lip twice longer than the upper.-Rocky banks, S. Ohio to Va. and Tenn., along the Mts. Plant 1 to 2f long, rac. 5 to 8'. Lvs. usually thin and rugous, 1' to 18' long, scarcely longer than the petioles. Cor. 8" long, blue, tube pale. Jl. Aug. (8. rugosa, 2d Ed.)

β. crassifolia. Lvs. mostly ovate, of firmer texture.-New Orleans (Hale). Cal. more enlarged in fruit.

3 S. canescens Nutt. St. erect, tall, pubescent; lvs. petiolate, oblong-ovate or ovate, rounded or attenuate at base, minutely pubescent both sides, paler beneath, margin crenate, apex acute, the lower cordate; rac. terminal and axillary, pedunculate, paniculate, bracts lanco-linear; fls. canescent; upper lip the longer, tube gradually enlarged.-Dry grounds, Mid. and W. States, abundant. St. usually purple, 1 to 3f high. Lvs. 2 to 3' long, 1 to 2' wide, often with a purple margin and purplish spots. Cor. 10" long, tube white, lips blue, lateral lobes very short. Ju., Jl.

4 S. villosa Ell.? St. villous-pubescent, slender, branching; lvs. lanceolate or lance-ovate, acute at each end, sparingly hispid above, the petioles and veins beneath villous, deeply serrate; rac paniculate, loose; cal. hispid; cor. lube slender, expanding only at the throat, galea large, inflated, strongly incurved, many times longer than the lip.-Ga. (Feay). Apparently 2 to 3f high. Lvs. 1 to 2' long. Wo have but a single specimen.

5 S. serrata Andr. Erect, subsimple, nearly glabrous; lvs. petiolate, ovate, acuminate, crenate-serrate, cuneate at base, the floral lance-oblong; rac. subsimple, fls, large, pubescent (not hoary) lips of equal length.-Woods, Ill. and S. States. St. 2 to 3f high. Lvs. green both sides, or often purplish. Rac. few-flowered. Cor. more than 1' in length, the lip as long or a little longer than the galea. Jl

6 S. pilosa Mx. St. erect, mostly simple, hirsute-pubescent; lvs. pubescent, rhomboid-ovals or oval, obtuse, crenate-serrate, petiolate, in remote pairs; rac. terminal, rather short, bracts elliptic-ovate; lips of the cor. large, the lower a little longer.-Open woodlands, Penn. to Ga. St. 1 to 2f high, purplish. Lvs. few, 1 to 2 1/2' by 8 to 18", more or less acute at base and obtuse at apex; narrowed to the petiole. Rac. generally simple and few-flowered, with opposite, elliptical bracts. Pedicels and cal. hairy. Cor. tube nearly white bolow, blue at the summit, 9" long, the later fls. shorter. Jn.-Aug. (S. ovalifolia Bart.)

7 S. integrifolia L. Erect, nearly simple, densely pubescent; lvs. ovate-lanceolate, and linear-lanceolate, tapering to the base, subacute, entire, subsessile, the lower ovate; rae. loose, leafy; bracts lanceolate, fls. large.-Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 9 1269 Mid. and S. States, dry soils. St. 9' to 2f high, with large blue fls. in terminal racemes. The lvs. (1 to 2' long), vary in breadtn and margin, the lowest being sometimes ovate and crenate. Cor. blue and white, slender at base, enlarged above, 8 to 9' long. Jn., Jl (S. hyssopifolia Pers. S. Caroliniana Ph.)-The plant is intensely bitter.