(2987.) A. pedatum, Linn., Sp. Pl, 1557. Swartz, Syn. Fil., 121. Michx., Fl. Bor. - Am., ii., 263. Pursh, Fl. Am. Sept., ii., 670. Hook., Fl. Bor. - Am., ii., 264. Provancher, Fl. Can., 714. Lawson, Can. Nat., i., 270. Watt, Can. Nat., iv., 363.

Macoun & Burgess, Trans. Roy. Soc. Can., ii., sect, iv., 187.

A. boreale, Presl, Tent. Pterid., 158.

Is usually found in rich, damp woods, and outside of Ontario is very local in its distribution. Newport, Hants Co., N.S. (Ball.) Archibald's Mill, Upper Musquodoboit, Halifax Co., N.S. (Jack.) Upper Restigouche and Upper St. John; Keswick Ridge, York Co., N.B. (Fowler.) Andover, Victoria Co., N.B. (Hay.) Moose Mountain, Carleton Co., N.B. (Bailey.) Quebec, Que. (Sheppard.) St. Joachim and Isle St. Paul, Montreal, Que. (Provancher.) Levis; Cap Rouge; and Ste. Rose, Laval Co. Que. (St. Cyr.) River Rouge, Que. (D'Urban.) Very common throughout Ontario. (Lawson, Macoun, Burgess, etc.) On the plateau of Mount Albert, Shickshock Mountains, Gaspé Que.; Vancouver Island, Yale, and other places in British Columbia. (Macoun.) Plentiful about Victoria, B.C. (Fletcher, Anderson.) Kootanie Lake, B.C. (J. Anderson.) Queen Charlotte Islands, B.C. (Dawson.)

Var. rangiferinum, Burgess, Trans. Roy. Soc. Can.,iv., Sect. iv., 11.

A form with longer stalked pinnules, cleft, on the upper side, into narrow, toothed lobes. At present known only in one locality, viz., shaded rocks overhanging the water, Goldstream, at the base of Mount Finlayson, near Victoria, B.C. (Anderson.) Will probably be found to occur elsewhere on Vancouver Island.