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Like Sea Lavender it is attacked by a fungus, Uromyces limonii.

A Thysanopterous insect, Phloeothrips Statices, and three moths, a Clearwing, Sesia musciformis, Sericoris littoralis, Gelechia bizella, feed upon Thrift.

Statice, Dalechamps, is from the Greek name, denoting astringency, and the second Latin name refers to its habitat.

Attractive as Thrift is, it is called Arby, Cliff-rose, Cushion, Lady's or Sea Cushion, Cushion-pink, Marsh or Sea Daisy, Sea Gilliflovver, Sea Grass, Lady's Pincushion, Pink, French Pink, Scawfell Pink, Sea Pink, Quishion, Rock Rose, Sea Turf, Thrift. As to the name Sea Daisy, Scrope says: "Even the hills afford good pasture, and are scattered over with the Sea Daisy and other plants". Names compounded with cushion all refer to the tufted habit of the plant.

Thrift (Statice maritima, Mill.)

Photo. H. Hanley - Thrift (Statice maritima, Mill.)

Thrift is astringent, hence its reputed use. But the principal value of Thrift lies in its adaptation to the garden, where it is grown as an edging plant, and is very prolific.

Essential Specific Characters: 197. Statice maritima, Mill. - Flowering stem a scape, leaves radical, tufted, oblong, mucronate, fleshy, linear, veined, flowers rose, in round heads, with downy scapes, and scarious involucre, with scaly bracts.