Arum (Arum Ilalicum, L.)

The habitat of this plant is banks in the south-east of England. The habit is like that of Cuckoo-pint. It is larger and stouter than the latter. The leaves are yellow, veined, dark-green, more triangular, with spreading lobes, blunt, appear before the winter, and are all radical. The leaf-stalk is longer than the limb. The spathe, swollen below, nearly flat, broad above, falls over as soon as it expands, closing the opening like a flap, and is three times the length of the spadix, which is club-shaped and yellow. The pistillodes or functionless pistils are long above and below the stamens. The berries are longer and the seeds larger than in the Cuckoo-pint. The plant evolves greater heat than the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere, the spathe being at 400-440 C. when the atmosphere is 15° C. The plant is 6-12 in. high, and flowers in May and June, being a herbaceous perennial.