Guimauve Or Marsh Mallow (Althaea Officinalis, L.)

The habitat of this plant is marshes near the sea. The habit is erect. The plant is softly downy, velvety, the stem more or less simple. The leaves are soft both sides, velvety, entire, 3-5 lobed, broad, shortly - stalked, egg-shaped to heart-shaped, or nearly round, thick, toothed, scalloped. The involucre is 6-9 lobed, and is an epicalyx. The flower-stalks are axillary, with many flowers, not as long as the leaves. The flowers are rose-colour in a cyme. The sepals are egg-shaped. The carpels are downy. The plant is 2-3 ft. high, flowering in August and September, and is a herbaceous perennial.

Tree Mallow (Lavatera Arborea, L.)

The habitat of this plant is maritime rocks. The habit is erect. The stem is stout and woody. The plant is softly downy. The leaves are velvety, plaited, 1-7 lobed, scalloped, nearly round, long-stalked, with broad, short lobes, the upper more entire. The flower-stalks are axillary, crowded, 1-flowered, shorter than the leaf-stalks. The flowers are large, rose-colour, with dark veins, glossy. The involucre or epicalyx is 3-lobed, the lobes large, egg-shaped. There are 10 carpels, or more, in a ring on a common axis, from which they break off separately when ripe. The carpels are like brown or green caterpillars, and birds may disperse them. The plant is 3-8 ft. high, flowering between July and September, and is a herbaceous biennial.