Asarabacca (Asarum Europaeum, L.)

The habitat of this plant is woods (in Yorks), shady places, banks, under hedges. The habit is rosette-like. The rootstock is creeping and fleshy. The stem and branches are short. Two leaves and two large scales are developed annually. The leaves are radical, dark-green, on long stalks, evergreen, kidney-shaped, blunt, shining. The scapes are axillary, short, and downy. The flowers are bell-shaped, drooping, lurid purple, or greenish-brown, solitary, the stalk short and bent back. The perianth lobes are bent inwards, egg-shaped. The anther-stalks are awl-like, the alternate ones longer. The styles are bent back, the stigma projecting. The fruit is round, leathery, with wrinkled, boat-shaped seeds. The plant is 4-6 in. high, flowering from May to August, and is a herbaceous perennial.