Sowbread (Cyclamen Hederwfolium, Ait.)

The habitat of this species is hedgebanks, copses, woods, and plantations. The habit is like that of a bulbous plant. The root is a flattened tuber, turnip-shaped, fibrous. The autumnal leaves appear after the plant has flowered, and are heart-shaped, 5-9-angular, toothed, dark green, blotched with white, wavy, marginal blotches, purple below. The flowers are pink, with a red base, borne on scapes. The sepals are egg-shaped with a long, narrow point, toothed. The throat of the corolla is 5-angled. The stalk is rolled up spirally when the flower is in fruit. The capsule is 5-valved. The plant is 4-8 in. high, flowering in August and September, and is a herbaceous perennial.

Chickweed Wintergreen (Trientalis Europcea, L.)

'The habitat of this plant is sub-alpine woods, and woods in N. Britain. The habit is erect. The roctstock is creeping. The stem is slender, wiry, with the leaves at the top. The leaves are lance-shaped, inversely egg-shaped, rigid, shining, blunt or acute, shortly-stalked. The flowers are white with a yellow ring on slender stalks. The sepals are linear, awl-like, the petals egg-shaped, acute, and as the sepals in whorls of 7-9. The capsule is large, the size of a pea, the valves soon falling. The seeds are 6-sided, flattened, shield-shape. The plant is 2-8 in. in height. It flowers in June and July, and is a herbaceous perennial.