Black Nightshade (Solarium Nigrum, L.)

The habitat of this plant is waste ground, cultivated ground. The plant is herbaceous and erect in habit. The plant is smooth or downy. The stems are angled, tubercled. The leaves are rhomboid to ovate, wavy, bluntly toothed, narrowed to the stalk. The flowers are white, few, in an umbellike, lateral cyme, and drooping, on slender stalks. The calyx-lobes are broad, blunt. The corolla-lobes are fringed with hairs, bent back. The fruit-stalks are thickened above. The berries are globular, black. The plant is 6-24 in. high, flowering from June to November, and is a herbaceous annual.

Tea Plant (Lycium Chinense, Mill. = L. Barbarian, Auct. Angl.)

This plant is found in hedges, etc, gardens. On the coasts of Norfolk, as round Kelling, it appears to be naturalized. The plant has the shrub habit, and is straggling. The branches are pendulous and bear spines. The leaves are narrow, lance-shaped. The flowers are blue. The calyx is 2-lipped, as long as the limb. The anther-stalks are woolly below. The berries are oblong and red. The plant is 4-12 ft. high, flowering from June to August, and is a perennial shrub.

Thorn Apple (Datura Stramonium, L.)

This plant is found, as an alien, near towns and villages, having been used formerly medicinally, and in waste places, being rare. The plant is erect in habit. The leaves are ovate, unequally toothed, wavy, smooth. The flowers are white, large, erect. The capsule is erect, spinose, with 4 dissepiments below, 2 at the top. The plant is 1-2 ft. high, flowering from June to September, and is a herbaceous annual.