As might be expected in the case of plants which flourish only where there is some degree of moisture, the flowering seasons of bog and marsh plants are as a whole rather late.

The earliest plant to flower amongst those especially selected for description is the Marsh Marigold, which blooms in March. The White Willow comes next, and flowers with others in April.

In May, Valerian, Rosemary, Butterwort, Bog Myrtle, Cotton Grass, and Great Prickly Sedge, with other Sedges, commence to bloom.

The plants that flower for the first time in June are Great Spearwort, Cranberry, Bog Speedwell, Marsh Red Rattle, Bladderwort, Jointed Rush, and Hummock Sedge.

When July opens, a number of others just commence to flower, and but few plants linger till August and September before they bloom, such as Sundew, Water Violet, Bog Bean, Golden Dock, Marsh Helleborine, Bog Asphodel, Galingale, Common Spike Rush, Prickly Twig Rush, Bog Pimpernel, and Grass of Parnassus.