* Throat of corolla fringed with long hairs.

G. Amarella: annual, very variable in size and in the number of the flowers; stem 3-12 inches high, erect, square, much-branched; leaves sessile, ovate-lanceolate, the radical ones obovate; flowers pale purple, the corolla salver-shaped, five-cleft; calyx-segments five, nearly equal, linear-lanceolate. - Dry limestone pastures. Fl August, September.

G. campestris: annual; stem 3-10 inches high; leaves elliptic-oblong; flowers blue, salver-shaped, four-cleft, the tube of the corolla slightly thicker upwards; calyx-segments four, the two outer ones very large, ovate. - Dry limestone pastures. Fl. August, September.

** Throat of corolla naked, not fringed.

G. Pneumonanthe: stem 4-10 inches high, leafy, simple, erect or ascending; leaves linear, obtuse; flowers very large, mostly solitary, slightly stalked, bell-shaped, five-cleft, deep blue, with five greenish bands down the middle of each segment. - Calathian Violet. - Moist turfy heaths. Fl. August, September.

(42) Mentha. Mint. M. Pulegium: stem prostrate; leaves stalked, elliptical, obtuse, slightly crenate, all similar; flowers in distant, globose, many-flowered semi-whorls, small, lilac. A small, creeping, powerfully-scented medicinal herb. - Penny-royal. - Wet places. Fl. August, September.