A. - Ulmus montana, Smith: p. 16.

1. A perianth with stamens.

2. The pistil.

3. The winged seed.

B. - Salix Caprea, Linnaeus: p. 17.

1. A branch, with the male catkins.

2. One of the male flowers, separate.

3. A female catkin.

4. One of the female flowers, separate.

5. A seed, C. - Orchis maculata, Linnaeus: p. 19.

{The name is misprinted "mascula" on the plate.)

1. A flower, showing the three recurved sepals, two convergent petals, and three-lobed lip.

2. The column and cells of the single perfect anther.

3. One of the pollen-masses.

D. - Cypripedium Calceolus, Linnaeus: p. 19.

1. Front view of the column, with its abortive central stamen, and two lateral perfect ones.

2. Back view of the same.

Plate 5.

Ulmus montana

Ulmus montana

Salix Caprea

Salix Caprea

Orchis mascula

Orchis mascula

Cypripedrum Calceolus.

Cypripedrum Calceolus.

W.Fitch, deletlith

Vincent Brooks