A. - Paris quadrifolia, Linnaeus: p. 119.

1. One of the awl-shaped stamens.

2. The pistil.

3. A ripe berry, with the persistent perianth. B. - Hydrocharis Morsus-ranae, Linnaeus: p. 119.

1. The stamens removed from the flower.

2. One of the stamens, separate.

3. The pistils, with six two-cleft stigmas. C. - Ophrys apifera, Hudson: p. 126.

1. Front view of the lip.

2. Side view of the lip.

3. The column, showing the anther-case and pollen-masses.

4. One of the pollen-masses separate. D, - Iris Pseud-acorns, Linnaeus: p. 125.

1. A stamen. E. - Convallaria majalis, Linnaeus: p. 127.

1. A flower with its pedicel and bract.

2. Vertical section of a flower, showing three of the stamens and the pistil.

3. A ripe berry.

Plate 20.

Paris quadrifolia.

Paris quadrifolia.

Hydrocharis Marsus ranae.

Hydrocharis Marsus-ranae.

Ophrys apifera

Ophrys apifera

Iris Pseud acorus.

Iris Pseud-acorus.

Convallaria majalis

Convallaria majalis

W.Fitch, del et lith

Vincent Brooks, Imp