(a "wolf's foot, from some fancied likeness of the leaves")

Family, Mint. Color, white. Corolla, nearly equally 4-cleft, bell-shaped. Calyx, with 4 acute, short teeth. 2 good stamens. Leaves, opposite, petioled, the upper sessile, tapering at both ends, regularly toothed, often purple. Flowers, very small, in close whorls around the 4-angled, smooth, stiff, upright stem, much shorter than the leaves among which they nestle. Stem, 20 inches high or less, bearing sometimes from its base thread-like runners with small tubers. July to September.

Bugle Weed (Lycopus virginicus) (See page 121)

Bugle Weed (Lycopus virginicus)

Rich soil, often in marshes, New England to Florida. (See illustration, p. 122.)