Family, Arum. Color, yellow. A scape 1 foot or so tall rises out of the water terminated by a narrow leafless spadix of rich yellow color, covered with small, perfect, yellow flowers. The lower flowers contain 6 sepals and stamens, the upper, 4 of each. The spathe which incloses the very young spadix, after a time, becomes bract-like, imperfect, remaining merely as a sheath at the base of the scape, or it wholly drops off. Leaves, lance-shaped or oblong, on long petioles, varying with the depth of the water, dark green and velvet-like above, pale underneath, all from root. Floating on top of the water. Scape reaches beyond the flowering spadix. May.

An aquatic perennial. Massachusetts to Florida, in ponds and sluggish streams not far from the coast,