Family, Rose, Color, white, or tinted with rose purple. Calyx, tubular, with 5 divisions, softly woolly, as are also the pedicels. Petals, 5, concave. Stamens, many, with white filaments and purple anthers. Flowers, in compound cymes, terminal,but, later, non-flowering shoots grow beyond them. Fruit, size of a whortleberry, round or slightly elongated, red or purplish, acid, dry and sweetish. Leaves, simple, alternate, 1 to 2 inches long, elliptical or ovate, finely toothed, with short petioles and narrow stipules, smooth, glossy green, with dark glands along the midribs. March to May.

A shrub 3 to 7 feet high, growing in wet ground, as moist thickets or swamps or damp woods, from New England to Florida, westward to Louisiana, northward to Minnesota.